According to Sarah Ruiz-Grossman’s Huffington Post article entitled “Dear Fellow White Women: We F**ked This Up” or was that we’re just fucked up because 53 percent voted for “The Pussy Grabber” in the last presidential election.

And Zeba Blay shared the tweet below by Patton Oswalt in her Huffington Post article “Don’t Be Surprised. This Is The America You Have Always Lived In.”patton-oswalk

Obviously, other things were more important than turning a new page in the history books and electing the first female president of the United States! Isn’t self-hatred a mental disorder? Not my words!  WIKI said it. “The term self-hatred can refer to either a strong dislike for oneself, one’s own actions, or a strong dislike or hatred of one’s own race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other group of which one may be a member.”

Now, I can see hookers and female porn starlets voting for hitop-hat-for-crazy-blogm.  Something to rise to and give their daughters hope for the future. “Hey honey, you too can be a First Lady.”

Is the nation in shock? You bet. Who knew you would be so stupid?

Black folks like to put the blame on “The Man” but it’s time we all step back and took at look at “The Woman.” (Especially, those in managerial decision making positions above you.) After all, who do you think was sewing up their man’s hoods and sheets and keeping them so sparkling clean for the next raid upon innocent Black people?

So, don’t blame Black folks. We’ve made our share of mistakes, but not like this f**k up.

Yes, this BS is going down in history and Susan B. Anthony is waiting on the other side to just slap each of you straight.

Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Author “Black American: Asking Ourselves The Tough Questions.”