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The life of an elected official is a blessed one.  (Until convicted.)  They certainly won’t let the fear of being re-elected stand in their way.  They are free to lie about serving your self-interest for 20 or 30 years.  (After all they know that they “serve” the weak-minded and most gullible sectors in the world.)  No worries, just paychecks for life.

And, what happens to your paycheck.  Or, your spouse’s paycheck.  (This of course, interprets into payment for the mortgage, food electric, gas and dollars for school tuition.)

Video gambling wins and you lose. Again! And, again!

This is my favorite part from BGA’s investigation in the “relationship” between contributions to local offices and liquor and gambling licenses.

Days before the proposal was introduced, Gold Rush gave $1,000 to another co-sponsor, Proco Joe Moreno (1st).

“I think the moral argument on gambling has been had, and it has been basically won by the side that says we want gambling in the cities,” Moreno says.

You’re deceived, if you think that honesty will win the day and that the men and women in white hats can save your ass.

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