Well, me for one. Nice. Cold. Oh, so good, large BEER BUCKET!

I’ve loved beer since, way, way, way back. Got a little beer gut. Don’t all faithful beer drinkers have one?

Anyway, I usually willing to try a new one, although I’ve got my old standbys.

Give me a thumbs UP or DOWN on these beer types.

  1. Peach Beer.
  2. Orange Blossom.
  3. Hummmm! Watermelon? Once you add watermelon, can you still call it a beer?
  4. Tallgrass. Don’t ask me, I don’t know what’s in it.
  5. Blood Orange. Well, I don’t drink beer to get vitamins. Do you?
  6. Blueberry. Now, I’m really confused or drunk.
  7. I will skip The Flying Dog. Just on GP.
  8. Surly Hell. Bring it on. I’m up for this fellow.
  9. La Cumbre Fievre. Huh?
  10. Basil? Hummmm? I’m thinking NO.

Which ones have you tried or can recommend?

Feel a cold beer coming on! Enjoy your summer. And, it’s only good with good beer.

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